Frequently Asked Questions at Gate Repairs Johannesburg.

Do you offer wrought-iron gate repair services?

Yes we do, we expert Welders who have years of experience in getting wrought-iron gates repaired.

Can you assist in doing maintenance for my wooden gate?

Yes we can, we can inspect your gate and se what type of repair will solve any issues you may have.

Can you assist me in designing a new gate?

We are specialists in all aspects of not only gate repair but we can also design and weld any type of gate you want to have.

Do you do gate renovation?

Do you have a vintage gate that needs repairing? Don’t worry let our team of professionals mend your gate today.

Do you offer any free quotes and consultations?

We provide customers with free quotes and consultations so give us a call today and we will et up a meeting to get your gate repaired in no time at all.

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